Since my first year as one of a handful of women studying Electrical and
Computer Engineering at the University of Wisconsin in 1975, to the same
working at Hewlett-Packard from 1980 to 2012, I’ve been pioneering new
pathways. I’m also a founding member of the Idaho Clean Tech Association and
Idaho Business for the Outdoors. I’m always looking at the future of work and
careers, especially, your future career opportunities, and how you might thrive
and prosper.
During my 32 years in high-tech, as a woman in a mostly male profession, I
faced plenty of challenges. In 2009, I faced both a life-threatening illness and the
death of my former husband, while supporting our children and his family
emotionally even as I continued working to support us financially. The resilience
I learned from that, and from coach training on a foundation of Positive
Psychology, are skills and tools I use to help you work through challenging
employment situations: layoffs, career changes, difficulty finding employment.

action is the antidote to despair.

As a woman in a non-traditional career, I’ve experienced being “the other”. At
the same time, I recognize my privileges, and want to provide equity for others. I
set aside a percentage of my work for pro-bono and inclusion work, including
mentoring, using skillsets I have cultivated during a long and successful career,
to help diverse early-career and entry-level professionals learn how to find and
manifest their authentic selves in their appropriate careers, especially those that
support a more sustainable future for our world. They have taught me so much!
During 32 years in high-tech, I’ve seen how new technologies, business
paradigms, and change adoption happen, many driven by social trends. Though
technologies change, general change trends are often foreseeable. And the way
people succeed is something I’ve observed in both my career at HP and my
chosen second career of Career Coaching. I’ll help you look at the fundamentals
of your success: understanding your unique advantages, and finding your best-
fit opportunities in this ever-changing work environment.
Before retiring from HP, I made a plan to become trained and credentialed in
coaching. I’m credentialed via the International Coach Federation and have 11
years of experience in Career Coaching. I combine 32 years of business
experience, including Program Management, with Coach Training and
Credentialing, to help you set goals, create strategies to realize them, and apply
the neuroscience to get and keep you moving towards their realization!
Since becoming aware of the science behind Climate Change in 1975, I’ve
dedicated a large part of my time and resources to addressing it, for my/our
children and future generations. Here, too, I’ve learned and practiced change-
making and resilience. To that end, I combine a lifetime of passion and action
with a long, successful professional career in order to coach Millennials and Gen-
Z’s to find authentic, successful, fulfilling and sustainable employment. The
career coaching and environmental work I do serves one purpose: to help build a
better world and future for my clients and ultimately, all of us.

Take charge of your future.